Universal Robot sensor kit simplifies integration of force torque sensors

Multi-axis force torque sensor manufacturer, Bota Systems, has introduced the Universal Robot FT sensor kit. The sensitive six-axis force torque sensor is certified by Universal Robots for use with the company’s collaborative robots.

The sensors provide sensitive haptic feedback to enhance the precision of applications, said Bota Systems. A robotic force torque sensor measures force and torque when they are applied on its surface. By using the measured signals in real-time feedback control, robots can perform challenging interaction tasks. The sensor of this type that is used most in robotics is a complete six-axis sensor, which measures forces and torques on three axes each.

The sensor kit is part of the UR ecosystem. It provides everything needed to get up and running quickly, including the lightweight SensONE sensor traducer with integrated electronics, cabling, power supply, and adapters and fasteners. The kit also includes URCap software that integrates in to UR’s graphical programming interface PolyScope. The software consists of drivers to provide access to the force torque data, as well as program templates to easily create force sensitive applications and to save development time.

The sensor is suitable for UR20, Universal Robots’ latest collaborative robot, or cobot, which has a reach, of up to 1750mm. It is also capable of the company’s heaviest payload, up to 20kg. The small footprint is just 245mm in diameter, which allows this industrial cobot to enable customers to automate more applications where heavy objects need to be lifted over a longer distance.


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