Three RF power transistors series target ISM satellite, avionics and radar

Three series expand STMicroelectronics’ STPower family of LDMOS transistors, addressing RF power amplifier applications in commercial and industrial projects.

The high efficiency, low thermal resistance devices combine a short conduction-channel length with a high breakdown voltage for cost-effective, low power consumption but high reliability operation, says ST.

The IDCH and IDDE series are 28V / 32V common-source N-channel enhancement-mode, lateral, field-effect RF power transistors.

The IDCH devices provide output power from 8.0 to 300W and are specifically designed for applications up to 4GHz, including 2.45GHz industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM), wireless infrastructure, satellite communications, and avionics and radar equipment. The LDMOS devices are suitable for all types of modulation formats.

The IDDE series consists of 10 to 700W devices for broadband commercial, industrial, and scientific applications at frequencies up to 1.5GHz. The devices can withstand a load voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of 10:1, through all phases. The IDDE LDMOS transistors are suitable for all typical modulation formats, and for most classes of RF power amplifier operation including Class A, Class AB, and Class C. The high efficiency minimises the energy needed to deliver the required output power, resulting in lower operating costs and reduced heat dissipation to simplify thermal management and to enable more compact systems.

In the IDEV series, devices are based on a 50V common-source, N-channel-enhancement-mode, lateral field-effect, RF power transistor technology. The transistors have output power from 15 up to 2.2kW and are designed for ISM applications at frequencies up to 250MHz, including driving high power CO2 lasers, plasma generators, MRI systems, broadcast FM radio transmitters in the 88 to 108MHz range, and avionics and radar applications up to 1.5GHz. They are suitable for all typical modulation formats and for power amplifier operation in Class A, Class AB, and Class C.

The rugged IDEV series is capable of up to 2.2kW continuous wave (CW) output power, from HF (3.0 to 30MHz) frequencies up to 250MHz. The single ceramic package reduces the number of RF power transistors needed in high power applications, such as broadcast transmitters, says ST. Power efficiency greater than 82 per cent minimises system power demand and ensures high reliability with simple thermal management.

There STPower RF LDMOS devices are available in industry standard packages.

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