Stroll on – an AI pram rocks baby to sleep

The sensation of CES 2023, the Ella smart stroller, presented by Canadian start-up Glüxkind, is powered by Nvidia Jetson Edge AI.

There is a rock-a-baby feature and a push and brake assist allowing a parent or guardian to hold the occupant while the pram navigates itself.

Just as modern cars are equipped with systems that ensure they do no roll backward when they stop on a hill, Glüxkind founder and CEO, Kevin Huang envisioned a pram (or stroller) that would do the same.

Glüxkind is a member of Nvidia Inception, a free program designed to help start ups evolve faster by providing access to technology and Nvidia experts, as well as opportunities to connect with venture capitalists and co-marketing support.

The Ella pram is powered by Nvidia’s Jetson edge AI platform to power the AI stack.

Jetson enables the pram / stroller to use computer vision to map its surroundings, using Jetson’s GPU and CPU to process and execute pathfinding.

This means that when the child is not in the stroller, parents can activate Ella’s intelligent hands-free strolling mode. It is able to follow someone holding the child, so parents do not have to negotiate their precious bundle while steering the stroller. It also ensure that it does not roll away when the carer’s releases their grip. At the same time the intelligent pram is not designed to operate independently. It has adaptive push and brake assistance for effortless walking no matter the terrain. It can navigate uphill, downhill or even when fully loaded with shopping or toys and baby’s changing equipment.

A Rock-My-Baby mode helps send infants to sleep and there is also built-in white noise playback.

“We’re trying to make it so the technology we’re building is augmentative to the parents’ experience to make parenting easier and safer,” Huang said.

Glüxkind was named a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree for the AI-powered Ella smart stroller.

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