Sensor does not need soldering or programming says TDK

For intelligent multi-sensor monitoring and remote data collection, SmartSense from TDK can be used in a diverse range of IoT applications outputs via Bluetooth Low Energy and wi-fi.

The sensor module can be used ‘out-of-the-box’ and with no need for soldering, programming or mechanical modifications, to deliver sensor data (both raw and intelligent) wirelessly in smart homes and appliances and wellness monitoring, says TDK.

SmartSense can be used in smart doors, robotic vacuums, asset monitoring, patient activity monitoring, HVAC filtering and air mouse monitoring. SmartSense integrates TDK’s IMU, magnetometer, pressure, temperature, and ultrasonic sensors with high-precision algorithms. The module also provides autonomous SD Card data logging for applications deriving value from large data volumes.

SmartSense integrates TDK’s inertia measurement unit (IMU), magnetometer, pressure, temperature, and ultrasonic sensors with high-precision algorithms. The list of algorithms will be expanded in the coming months, based on emerging market requirements, confirms TDK.

The module serves as a prototyping platform by enabling OEMs to gain application insights, signatures and environment variations. For example, a company manufacturing patient activity monitors needs both high-resolution and low-noise IMU data, as well as meaningful algorithmic information about patients’ gait, body posture and balance. SmartSense provides all this information, enabling OEMs to quickly prototype their products while working closely with TDK to get secure access to medical algorithms and IMUs.

TDK will demonstrate SmartSense at CES booth 11448 at CES, Central Hall (LVCC), Las Vegas Convention Center, 7 to 10 January 2020.

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