onsemi combines low power consumption and security in BLE MCU family

The NCV-RSL15 combines the industry’s lowest power consumption and latest in embedded security, claimed onsemi. The low power automotive-grade wireless microcontroller with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity is designed for vehicle manufacturers using wireless connectivity to reduce the cost and weight of excess cabling as the number of sensors and in-vehicle communication grows. It also addresses heightened security concerns resulting from more sensors and increased attack vectors.

They can be used, for example in tyre monitoring systems and other applications which use multiple sensors. Some applications now have a requirement for a 10-year battery lifetime. The NCV-RSL15 is certified by the EEMBC as the industry’s lowest power secure, wireless microcontroller, reported onsemi. It also features the proprietary smart sense power mode.

Its small size also makes it suitable for portable remote access devices and other space-constrained in-tyre and in-vehicle locations, said Michel De Mey, vice president of the Industrial Solutions Division at onsemi

As the number of access points increases, so does the number of potential attack vectors that must be secured to protect against unauthorised wireless access to the vehicle’s central body computer or central processing unit. The NCV-RSL15’s embedded security is based on the Arm CryptoCell featuring hardware-based root-of-trust secure boot, many user-accessible hardware-accelerated cryptographic algorithms, and firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) capabilities to enable future firmware updates and deployment of security patches.

The software development kit has a library of sample code.

onsemi focuses on automotive and industrial end-markets and says it is accelerating change in megatrends such as vehicle electrification and safety, sustainable energy grids, industrial automation, and 5G and cloud infrastructure. Onsemi’s product portfolio includes intelligent power and sensing technologies.


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