NXP and LivingPackets transform E-Commerce with reusable smart packaging for more eco-friendly online shopping

NXP and LivingPackets have joined forces on THE BOX, LivingPackets’ new, intelligent shipping parcel that reinvents smart packaging via an extremely durable, connected and sustainable way to ship packages. THE BOX represents a successful implementation of NXP’s trusted edge and connectivity technologies that enable more efficient e-commerce operations with greater traceability for more convenient consumer experiences while reducing the impact on society.

Why it Matters:
The “Internet of Boxes” has arrived
NXP is committed to help e-commerce companies advance their operations and become more eco-friendly with the “Internet of Boxes”. Retailers worldwide are using NXP RAIN RFID (UHF) technology to securely track and trace parcels along the supply chain, and brands have adopted NXP NFC technology to create intelligent and connected packaging solutions.

Pitney Bowes forecasts that parcel volume will most likely double and reach 220-262 billion parcels by 2026, driving e-commerce companies to continually reduce costs, increase flexibility and enhance order and delivery visibility. At the same time, these companies are being driven to meet the escalating customer expectations for sustainable shipping and delivery options.

“NXP offers an extensive portfolio of edge and connectivity technologies to enable sustainable, efficient e-commerce and smart packaging solutions, which is proven in THE BOX by LivingPackets,” said Olivier Cottereau, Senior Vice President EMEA & SAPAC Sales & Marketing with NXP. “The intelligent box also reflects our commitment to green solutions that support NXP’s Sustainability Program.”

“THE BOX will be the foundation for a new space of possibilities in the world of logistics,” said Fabian Kliem, CTO at LivingPackets. “With the help of innovative technologies from companies like NXP we will make the delivery experience more affordable, convenient and more efficient. Both for customers and businesses.”

Eco-friendly e-commerce

THE BOX is fully recyclable and infinitely reusable with a rechargeable battery and assessed for reconditioning after 1,000 trips. Its rigid and durable case material with shock absorption protects each delivery. The innovative holding system inside THE BOX eliminates packaging waste, such as filling materials and tapes. Labeling and printing are replaced with electronic labels displayed via an onboard tablet display, adding the ability to dynamically change delivery addresses to further reduce the carbon footprint of logistics.

Sending and receiving packages made easy for vendors and shoppers

For vendors, THE BOX offers a plug-and-play solution that is easily integrated into existing systems for simple and lean warehouse processing. It provides end-to-end visibility of where a package is in the supply chain and easy identification to ensure the right person accepts the package. Consumers can now track their packages in near real time and simply tap their NFC-enabled smartphone to THE BOX to accept and unlock their package or reject the parcel upon receipt. THE BOX also opens a range of additional future options for consumers, such as rerouting packages to another person. Vendors and consumers alike have full remote control of every package delivery for easy management, drop off and return of THE BOX.

Details on NXP technology that powers THE BOX by LivingPackets
Each of the LivingPackets shipping boxes includes a small tablet powered by NXP’s i.MX RT1062 crossover MCU that combines high performance and integration for IoT devices. The processor features integrated security capabilities, such as secure boot that helps protect THE BOX tablet from malware and other unknown software.

Additionally, THE BOX includes NXP NFC technology in the form of CLRC663 plus frontend and NTAG I2C plus connected tags to make it possible for consumers to simply tap their smartphone to the box in order to accept or reject the parcel and authenticate themselves. Designed to be an enabler for interactive consumer applications, NXP’s NFC frontend solutions offer a flexible way to add NFC functionality to a system, and in combination with connected NFC tags, provide a cost-effective way to add tap-and-go connectivity to electronic devices.

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