Nordic Semiconductor launches cellular IoT enhancements and demos low power Wi-Fi, Matter, LE Audio, and power management at CES 2024

Nordic Semiconductor will bring its full portfolio of wireless IoT innovations to CES 2024, including an update to its nRF91 Series cellular IoT solutions. Nordic will exhibit products for all the foundational technologies of the IoT including cellular IoT (NB-IoT and LTE-M), DECT NR+, low power Wi-Fi, Matter, and Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE).

CES is the first event at which Nordic will introduce its nRF54H Series, the company’s fourth generation with superior processing power, a generous amount of memory, and excellent efficiency. In benchmark testing, the nRF54H20 achieved twice the energy efficiency and performance of the second-best device in its category. The company will also launch significant hardware, software, and development tool updates to its nRF91 Series – further enhancing its end-to-end solutions for cellular IoT and DECT NR+.

Together with this end-to-end cellular IoT solution—including silicon, software, development tools, Cloud services, and world-class technical support—Nordic will also host key demonstrations on its booth, including its most comprehensive Matter demonstration to date. This Matter demonstration showcases Apple and Google ecosystem coexistence and includes devices from Eve Systems, Yale, Tridonic, and LEEDARSON. Meanwhile, an Asset tracking demonstration will show the Thingy:91 X, a prototyping platform that combines cellular IoT, GNSS, and Wi-Fi locationing.

Further demonstrations include Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast, a novel form of audio broadcasting. The demonstration will showcase the low power consumption and new features of this next generation of wireless audio. Nordic’s LE Audio development hardware will be demonstrated working with current smartphones that support the technology. Elsewhere, there will also be a Machine Learning (ML) demo using the Thingy:53 IoT prototyping platform and software from Edge Impulse. Finally, the booth will host Nordic’s nPM Power Management IC (PMIC) family, including the highly integrated nPM1300. The nPM1300 PMIC incorporates a range of system management features including a power efficient and highly accurate software-based fuel gauge.

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