Microchip adds 12 Products to its wireless portfolio that reduce barriers to Bluetooth integration

System designers face many barriers when adding Bluetooth functionality to their products, from skill and resource limitations to budget constraints to time-to-market pressures to challenging performance and integration requirements. Microchip has expanded its Bluetooth Low Energy portfolio with 12 new products, aimed at providing designers with an extensive array of choices to tackle their unique challenges, effectively lowering barriers across designs spanning from the simplest to the most advanced. These additions include the RF-ready WBZ350 module and the PIC32CX-BZ3 SoC that offers the lowest entry point available for integrating a Bluetooth Low Energy microcontroller (MCU) into product designs. For a list of all 12 products see Microchip’s Bluetooth Low Energy webpage.

In addition to its Bluetooth MCUs, Microchip introduced the RNBD350 plug-and-play module that reduces the cost and complexity barriers to adding Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to product designs. These modules minimise the time, money and engineering resources required for RF design optimisation, regulatory certification and software development.

Sample applications for Microchip’s Bluetooth Low Energy parts include IoT smart home and building systems, Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions and automotive designs.

Designers using the newly expanded Bluetooth Low Energy portfolio for entry-level applications benefit from an easy development process, including in-house support services and development tools, without compromising Bluetooth functionality.

Developers can also tap into Microchip’s expanding wireless portfolio for end-to-end solutions. The portfolio offers a range of products in popular wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Thread and sub-GHz that are designed to work seamlessly with the Bluetooth portfolio.


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