IoT sensor hubs monitors remotely for smarter data collection

Encouraging sustainability through smarter data collection, Danish company, MicroTechnic has unveiled its latest generation of IoT sensor hubs. Skylark is a enables the monitoring and collection of data from any remote application. 

It is simple to set up and connect to any sensor, said Micro Technic and is supplied with a device management platform to ensure cyber-safe data transmission at the edge. According to the company, Skylark is also an extremely low power, sustainable IoT gateway that can be powered by battery or solar energy. 

Potential applications are an IoT datalogger to provide early warning signs of changes to weather conditions.

The Skylark does not need a traditional power supply, which means that devices can be deployed on the highest mountains, the stormiest coastal areas or the most remote regions in the world,” said Micro Technic’s CEO, Frank Max Laursen.

Skylark can also be used to analyse traffic patterns by collecting critical data. This enables planners to find smarter ways to manage and improve the infrastructure and traffic. By taking this approach, cities can be made smarter and more sustainable, and the number of deaths from road accidents can be reduced.

In manufacturing, Skylark helps manufactures to monitor any process in the production line and make sustainable choices to improve productivity and reduce downtime. It can optimise resources and eliminate inefficient production processes, said Micro Technic. It can be retrofitted to existing equipment, thereby increasing machine lifetime and supporting circular business models. “As well as ensuring product efficiency during its life, IoT can give manufactures insight as to when products are no longer being used, and can also tell the manufactures where their old hardware is located, via the internet-connectivity of the products. This means we can provide a ‘cradle-to-grave’ service,” said Laursen.

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