Infineon and VMAX intensify collaboration for energy-efficient and cost-effective fast charging of electric vehicles

VMAX, a leading Chinese manufacturer of power electronics and motor drives for new energy vehicles, has selected the new CoolSiC hybrid discrete with TRENCHSTOP 5 Fast-Switching IGBT and CoolSiC Schottky Diode from Infineon for its next generation 6.6 kW OBC/DCDC on-board chargers. Infineon’s components come in a D²PAK package and combine ultra-fast TRENCHSTOP 5 IGBTs with half-rated free-wheeling SiC Schottky barrier diodes to achieve a perfect cost-performance ratio for both hard and soft switching topologies.

“We are proud to choose Infineon’s CoolSiC Hybrid device in our next-generation OBC, achieving higher reliability, stability, improved performance, and power density. This deepens our already strong partnership with Infineon and drives technological application innovation through close collaboration, working together to promote the thriving development of new energy vehicles,” said Jinzhu Xu, PL Director& Chief Engineer, R&D Department at VMAX.

“We are excited to strengthen our partnership with VMAX with our highly efficient hybrid products,” said Robert Hermann, Vice President for Automotive High Voltage Chips and Discrete’s at Infineon. “Together, we will continue to drive e-mobility advancements, providing efficient solutions that meet the requirements of the industry in terms of performance, quality and system cost.”

With its fast, hard switching TRENCHSTOP 5 650 V IGBT co-packed with zero reverse recovery CoolSiC Schottky diode, the hybrid discrete benefits from very low switching losses at switching speeds above 50 kHz. This makes the device an excellent option for high-power electric vehicle charging systems. In addition, the robust 5 th generation CoolSiC Schottky diode offers increased robustness against surge currents, maximising reliability. Furthermore, the diffusion soldering of the SiC diode has improved the thermal resistance (R th) to the package for small chip sizes, resulting in increased power switching capability. With these features, it enables optimum system reliability and longevity, meeting the stringent requirements of the automotive industry. To further maximise compatibility with existing designs, the product also features a pin-to-pin compatible design based on the widely used D²PAK package.

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