3D magnetic field sensor IC measures axes or temperature

Users of the MLX90397 can choose which fields to measure whether X, Y or Z axis, temperature or a combination of these. The 3D magnetometer from Melexis features a wide supply voltage (1.7 to 3.6V) and is a cost-efficient choice, suited to battery powered appliances for both consumer and industrial applications, said the company. 

The adaptive BZ field range of up to 200mT simplifies designing with a back bias magnet (e.g. joystick) said Melexis, because it removes the constraint on the saturation. 

The 16-bit, three-axis sensor has a magnetic field range reaching 50mT (with an adaptive range on the Z-axis of up to 200mT). The sensing element relies on Triaxis 3D Hall effect technology. Captured data is converted into a digital form and then transferred over an I2C interface. 

The combination of a low 7nA power down current and a wide voltage supply range provides flexibility regarding the selection of the battery type as well as ensures extended usage, said Melexis. 

The MLX90397 is designed to address 1.8, 2.2 or 3.3V applications. It has a typical  RMS noise of 2.0 microT for a 50mT range.

The design also includes a Vdd I/O pin. This allows the customer to set the output at a different voltage level than the main supply and avoids the need to place extra level shifters to interface with the microcontroller.

The MLX90397 is supplied in a compact surface-mount eight-pin UTDFN package, measuring 2.0 x 2.5mm and a height of only 0.4mm. Operating temperature range is -40 to +105 degrees C.

Potential applications are gaming consoles, computer peripherals, home automation systems (window/door opening detection), energy metering (for anti-tampering purposes), controls for domestic appliances and handheld power tools.  

Melexis designs, develops and delivers mixed-signal semiconductor sensor and actuator components, specialising in automotive semiconductor sensors. Its portfolio of sensors and driver ICs are used in additionally used in smart appliances, home automation, industrial and medical applications. Melexis sensing product range includes magnetic sensors, MEMS sensors (pressure, TPMS, infrared), sensor interface ICs, optoelectronic single point and linear array sensors and time of flight. The company’s driver IC portfolio incorporates DC and BLDC motor controllers, LED drivers and FET pre-driver ICs.

The company is headquartered in Belgium.


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