Simpleware ScanIP software enhances its machine learning operation

Synopsys introduces a machine learning (ML) -based auto segmentation module for 3D image processing in the Simpleware ScanIP software. The ML-based option speeds up operation by up to a factor of 20 to 50, says the company and precisely automates segmentation for medical device design and pre-surgical planning.

The new ScanIP software module, Simpleware AS Ortho, uses automated algorithms to shorten segmentation time and produce accurate results significantly faster for medical image data, says the company.

The ML-based auto segmentation module builds on Synopsys’ ScanIP software, a comprehensive solution for 3D image processing and segmenting images generated by computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners.

The Simpleware AS Ortho module is specifically designed for segmentation needs in patients’ hips and knees. When applying this automated option with Synopsys’ ScanIP software to run analysis, users will easily see a 20 to 50 times faster rate of segmentation for clinical images, Synopsys reports.

The technology is scalable and helps to achieve more consistency and increased reliability in biomechanical compatibility. It can also dramatically streamline the workflow process in both pre-surgical planning and medical device design.

“Image segmentation of MRI and CT scans presents a significant challenge for our surgical and engineering multidisciplinary teams. We’re excited to collaborate with the Simpleware product group at Synopsys for solutions to this challenge,” said  Johann Henckel, MD orthopedic surgeon at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, in the UK. “What is currently a laborious process that occupies significant engineering resources and time can now be completed quickly, accurately and with less variability, promising a scalable solution for generating high-fidelity patient specific models, surgical tools and bespoke implants,” he said.

“The demand for image-based modeling of human anatomy tools with ML-enabled intelligence is rapidly growing, especially in markets that include patient specific workflows for medical devices, surgical guides and planning, and in silico clinical trials,” said Terry Ma, vice president of engineering at Synopsys.

Synopsys’ Simpleware AS Ortho (Auto Segmenter for Orthopedics) launches in March 2020 as a Simpleware ScanIP software add-on module for hips and knees. Synopsys plans further modules to provide automated segmentation options for other anatomical regions. For users wanting any customisation or workflows applied to different anatomies, Synopsys’ Simpleware Custom Modeler option is also available as a tailored and automated software option.

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