Tuya Smart partners with 1NCE to bring diversity to IoT connections of smart devices

Tuya Smart and 1NCE, have announced a new partnership aiming to provide developers, and businesses in general, worldwide with more efficient IoT-solutions at lower costs.

The Internet of Things is characterised by a broad landscape with many different communication technologies and protocols. Devices that are able to use multiple communication channels have a clear advantage. Cellular connectivity adds a lot of freedom and flexibility to a device, since it doesn’t require the installation of additional network infrastructures, as cellular networks are already available as a standardised technology all over the world.

With 1NCE’s cellular based IoT connectivity, Tuya can massively expand the use cases and supported applications of its IoT platform and services. Tuya can also offer end-to-end IoT solutions by utilising the benefits of cellular connectivity such as global coverage and ease-of-use. Adding cellular connectivity to its products will help Tuya to address new markets in the industry. Meanwhile, Tuya’s zero code building blocks and 1NCE’s ready-to-use products will enable developers to design smart devices in a fast and low-cost way.

Currently, testing of the combined solutions has already taken place in Germany and in China. Initial product offerings are mainly related to tracking objects such as pets, e-scooters, and security cameras. Additionally, both parties will add multiple further use cases across various industries throughout the next coming months. It is expected that initial products such as device plus SIM bundle will be launched in Q3 2021.

Alexander P. Sator, CEO and Founder of 1NCE, said, “Tuya’s IoT platform is one of the world’s largest and matching perfectly to 1NCE’s global offering – this cooperation marks a major milestone for both of us.”

“1NCE is a veteran IoT network operator with extremely rich experience in IoT network operation”, said Tina Yu, General Manager for Eurasia Region, “we are honored to join hands with a powerful brand in providing developers with low-cost and easy-to-use solutions.”    

About 1NCE

1NCE is the first fully-fledged IoT network carrier in the world, headquartered in Cologne. It offers fast, secure and reliable connectivity services at low cost based on an IoT flat rate. The 1NCE IoT Flat Rate includes 500 MB data volume, 250 SMS and free access to the 1NCE Connectivity Management Platform via Internet and API. It also offers its technology to mobile network operators via a Platform-as-a-Service solution. 1NCE has staffs in Cologne, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Rome, Paris, Riga, Rome and Warsaw.

About Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA) is a leading global IoT cloud platform with a unique, all-in-one offering of cloud + connectivity + app that makes it easy and affordable for brands, retailers, and OEMs to make their products smart. Tuya’s platform has smart-enabled more than 310,000 device SKUs in hundreds of categories worldwide, serving over 324,000 developers globally. Tuya is internationally operated with headquarters in the U.S., Germany, India, Japan, Colombia, and China.

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