Functional safety verification accelerates certification time for ISO 26262 IP

Synopsys claims to offer the industry’s first comprehensive functional safety verification suite. It includes unified failure modes and effects analysis/ failure modes, effects and diagnostic analysis (FMEA/FMEDA) and fault classification automation, powerful verification engines and ISO 26262-certified tools for IP and SoC certification.

According to Synopsys, it can reduce the effort required for functional safety verification up to 50 per cent compared to traditional manual and error-prone functional safety verification point tools.

The suite targets ISO 26262 certification for automotive IP and semiconductor companies for the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL D).

Part of the verification solution is the VC Functional Safety Manager, a FMEA/FMEDA and fault classification automation technology.   

Automotive semiconductor designs are growing in complexity to meet the increasing functionality demand for applications such as powertrain, advanced driver assistance, and autonomous driving. At the same time, semiconductor companies are required to deliver ISO 26262 certification for their products to customers. This combination is expected to increase verification efforts by a factor of two to three. Synopsys’ unified functional safety solution provides technologies to bridge the current productivity gaps by delivering a comprehensive FMEA/FMEDA and fault classification automation solution using a unified fault definition and database with the fastest verification engines. Synopsys also provides tool certification and services to accelerate planning, development, and work product generation for assessors and customers.

In addition to the VC Functional Safety Manager, automation tool delivering the highest productivity through a FMEA/FMEDA and unified fault campaign process, there is the Synopsys TestMAX FuSa, used to perform early functional safety analysis at RTL- or gate-level and identify candidates for TMR and DCLS redundancy.

The Z01X fault simulator is for fast and proven digital fault simulation and the VC Formal FuSa app accelerates fault classification using formal filtering.

Synopsys TestMax CustomFault for analogue and mixed-signal fault simulation provides full-chip functional safety and test coverage analysis and ZeBu Server is claimed to be the industry’s fastest emulator, to perform fault emulation for long software-rich tests.

For debug, planning and coverage there is Verdi Fault Analysis and Certitude functional qualification demonstrates verification flow robustness in support of ISO 26262 Part 8-9 assessments.

The Synopsys Unified Functional Safety Verification Solution and VC Functional Safety Manager are available today for select customer engagements.

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